Research Projects completed during PhD:

  • Keivanian, F., Chiong, R., A novel autonomous game-based multi-objective supressed fuzzy-entropy clustering to identify uncertain, overlapped, and unequal sized clusters – to be completed by the end of Jan 2022
  • Keivanian, F., Chiong, R., An improved fuzzy clustering approach for uncertain and overlapping data analysis (reviewed, and its revised manuscript should be submitted until 6 Feb 2022, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Elsevier, H-index=169, Q1, ISI journal)
  • Keivanian, F., Chiong, R., Fan, Z. A Fuzzy Adaptive Evolutionary-based Feature Selection and Machine Learning Framework for Single and Multi-objective Body Fat Prediction (under review at Soft Computing Journal, Springer, H-index=81, Q2, ISI journal, since early Sep 2021)
  • Keivanian, F., Chiong, R., & Hu, Z. (2019, April). A fuzzy adaptive binary global learning colonization-MLP model for body fat prediction. 3rd IEEE International Conference on Bio-engineering for Smart Technologies (BioSMART) (pp. 1-4). DOI:
  • Keivanian, F., & Chiong, R. (2021). A Novel Hybrid Fuzzy–Metaheuristic Approach for Multimodal Single and Multi-Objective Optimization Problems. Expert Systems with Applications, 116199. (Q1, Elsevier, H-index=207, IF = 6.95)
  • Keivanian, F., Chiong, R., Kashani, A. R., Gandomi, A. H. Automating pseudo-static analysis of sustainable and economical design of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining wall using a novel adaptive fuzzy-based metaheuristic algorithm (reviewed, and its revised manuscript should be submitted by 18 Jan 2022. Journal of Computational Science, Springer, H-index=46, Q1)
  • Fan, Z., Chiong, R., Hu, Z., Keivanian, F., Chiong., F. Body fat prediction through feature extraction based on anthropometric and laboratory measurements (reviewed, and its revised manuscript was submitted on 1 Nov 2021, PLOS ONE journal, H-index = 332, Q1, ISI Journal)

Research Projects completed before PhD:

  • Keivanian, F., & Mehrshad, N. (2015, March). Intelligent feature subset selection with unspecified number for body fat prediction based on binary-GA and Fuzzy-Binary-GA. In 2015 2nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (IPRIA) (pp. 1-7). IEEE.
  • Keivanian, F., Mehrshad, N., & Bijari, A. (2016). Multi-objective optimization of MOSFETs channel widths and supply voltage in the proposed dual edge-triggered static D flip-flop with minimum average power and delay by using fuzzy non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-II. SpringerPlus, 5(1), 1-15.
  • Keivanian, F., Mehrshad, N., & Zahiri, S. H. (2014). Optimum layout of multiplexer with minimal average power based on IWO, fuzzy-IWO, GA, and fuzzy GA. ACSIJ Adv Comput Sci Int J, 3(5), 132-139.
  • Keivanian, F. (2014). Minimization of average power consumption in 3 stage CMOS ring oscillator based on MSFLA, fuzzy-MSFLA, GA, and fuzzy-GA. International Journal of Computer Applications, 104(16).
  • Keivanian, F., Yekta Awal, A., & Mehrshad, N. (2014). Optimization of JK Flip Flop Layout with minimal average power of consumption based on ACOR, fuzzy-ACOR, GA, and fuzzy-GA. J Math Comput Sci, 14(1), 1-15.