Journal Review

2018 – Now (more than 22 reviews on journals and conferences)

  • Metaheuristics Journal

Conference Review

  • IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI 2020 and 2019)
  • Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Kyoto, Jap (GECCO 2018 and 2019)
  • Keywords:

    Big Data Classification
    Extreme Learning Machine Models
    Adaptive Cat Swarm Optimization based Feature Selection Method
    Automatic 3D tumor segmentation in MR images
    Parallel algorithms
    Evolutionary Computation
    Maximizing lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
    Security and Privacy
    Theory of Computation
    Combinatorial Optimization
    Large-scale Optimization
    Renewable energy resource management
    Sequential Quadratic Programming
    Adaptive unscented Kalman filter
    Fuzzy Set Theory
    Dynamic hub location-allocation
    Automatic handwritten recognition
    Neural networks
    Scheduling Mobile Robots
    Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search
    Flow shop scheduling
    Robust optimization
    Predictions for Urban Bus Networks
    Modeling and prediction