Research Collaboration

Researchers work together for a common research to public in a good journal or e-book. Each cooperation can bring distinct expertise to a project.

The research projects aim at conducting research in the following fields and applications:
Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Logic, Metaheuristics, Time Series Prediction Models, Intelligent Decision Support Systems for Health Applications like Diagnosis of a cardiovascular heart disease, Alzheimer detection, Fatigue Detection of workers, Diabetes Prediction, and for business management applications like Diagnosis of a business crisis, Electricity price prediction, and for Plants like plant disease prediction, and intelligent optimization of engineering problems like environmental friendly design of Geotechnical problems and so on

The collaboration can be through one of the following works:

  1. Principal concepts and literature review,
  2. Innovative method/model/system,
  3. Implementations on GPU or CPU in Python or Java or MATLAB or C,
  4. Comparison of the results with other methods and analysis of the results,
  5. Validation of the results,
  6. Statistical Analysis,
  7. Supervision,
  8. Provide required dataset,
  9. Proofreading to correct any mistake,
  10. Selection of an appropriate journal and prepare the manuscript for the journal