Research Collaboration and Proofreading Service

Researchers collaborate on a joint research project to publish it in a journal or e-book. A project can benefit from the expertise of each cooperation.

The following fields and applications are being researched:
Data Analysis, Engineering Design Optimization, Healthcare Prediction, Fuzzy Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Neural Computing, …

Collaboration and supervision can take the form of one or more of the following works:

  1. Professional proofreading,
  2. Principal concepts and literature review,
  3. Innovative method/model/system,
  4. Implementations on GPU or CPU in Python or Java or MATLAB or C,
  5. Comparison of the results with other methods and analysis of the results,
  6. Validation of the results,
  7. Statistical Analysis,
  8. Supervision,
  9. Provide the required dataset,
  10. Selection of an appropriate journal and prepare the manuscript for the journal